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Sticker Happy New Year 2020 WAStickerApps

Sticker Happy New Year 2020 WAStickerApps

WAStickerApps Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

In addition to Photo Frames New Year 2020 & Congratulations New Year 2020, Rudolfo Builder also launched a WA sticker application with the title "Sticker Happy New Year 2020 WAStickerApps "

We have a collection of WA stickers that are unique, easy to use, all free and interesting for whatsapp chat.

Happy New Year 2020 is a special day. Say new year with stickers and make a special day for your relatives and friends. By adding and sharing these New Year 2020 Stickers, and have fun.

How to add stickers to WhatsApp:

1. Install and open the sticker application.
2. Tap on '+' or 'ADD TO WHATSAPP'.
3. Confirm the action, it must show a success message.
4. Open the WhatsApp application and open the chat screen.
5. Tap the Emoji button.
6. You will see a new sticker icon at the bottom.
7. Tap, and now you can use this sticker package.
8. Don't forget to download the latest version of the WhatsApp application to use WAStickerApps.

1. This application is not affiliated with WhatsApp
2. This application complies with WhatsApp TOS relating to the distribution of WhatsApp stickers
3. This application does not store any user information
4. This is part of the WAStickerApps collection.

Please rate us for feedback with any comments.
Your feedback is very important to us.


Rudolfo Builder

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